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Tasty Lima: City Tour + Cooking Class + Market Tour

Tasty Lima: City Tour + Cooking Class + Market Tour


This tour is an authentic non-touristy and priceless experience of being part of a genuine Peruvian food. Learn how to cook a traditional Peruvian dishes and all about our traditions. Peruvian gastronomy is growing in popularity and this is your chance to see what makes it so special.

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  • You will make an authentic Peruvian dish to tantalise your tastebuds and later enjoy your achievements.
  • After your cooking class the adventure continues! we will take you to visit the great City of Kings and Queens Tour.
  • This walking tour will guide you by the attractions main in Lima such as the main square and the San Francisco Monastery with its eerie catacombs.
  • But there’s also some hidden gems waiting for you! Some other attractions you’ll visit include the Archbishop’s Palace, the Municipal Palace, Wall Park, Train Station Palace, the unique old fashioned “Cordano Bar”, colorful mansion palaces, Jiron del Union Pathway, the First Fotoshop Palace in South America, Post Office Palace, Dominicans Tower, historical Rimac Bridge and the city’s next big project – the under river subway!
  • After the tour, you’ll be taken back safely to your hotel
1) Fish
  • The Peruvian dish we cook with fish is: “Sudado de Pescado” Steamed Fish (Main Course), with red onions and fresh herbs; cook with yellow half spicy sauce.
  • As starter we will cook our Peruvian National dish called “Ceviche” the most popular dish among Peruvians! It is about small size pieces of fish marinated raw in fresh aromatic lime juice, tender onions, boiled sweet potatoes mixed with or without Andean hot chilis.
2) Chicken
  • For chicken we cook: “Aji de Pollo” in English chili chicken (Main Course), consists of thin strips of chicken served with a creamy yellow and spicy sauce, made with ají amarillo (yellow chili), cheese, milk and crunchy bread. As starter, we will teach you to prepare the most 2 Typical Peruvian sauces:
  • Papa a la Huancaina (Huancayo-style potatoes) this sauce came from the middle of the Andes of Peru and Ocopa sauce came from the south of the Andes near to Cusco, both starters consisting of a creamy slightly spicy sauce, one made with the freshest aromatic herbs from our Mountains and the other fresh local chili with cheese sauce both served with native organic sliced boiled potatoes.
3) Meat
  • “Lomo saltado” (Main Course), stir-fried beef, onion, tomatoes, and chili peppers, traditionally served over French fries and accompanied by rice.
  • “Causa Limeña” Mashed organic yellow potatoes seasoned with lime and aji (hot pepper), and filled with fresh seasonal local veggies (it is less than half spicy).
4) Vegetarian
  • Pimento Relleno (Main Course) , which is a stuffed capsicum, filled up with fresh vegetables and organic herbs from the north of the country, for starter we will together made
  • “Solterito” in English, Single men, with green peas, faba beans, quinua and olive oil, it’s delicious.
  • For 1 person: 105 USD
  • For 2 – 3 people: 89 USD each
  • For 4 – 6 people: 84 USD each
  • For 7 – 10 people: 72 USD each


  • The prices provided are for shared groups, if you want a private service  ask for availability please.
  • We want to inform you that, on all public holidays in Peru, our prices will have a 50% increase.
  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Peruvian local market experience
  • Cooking class
  • Professional Chef
  • Lunch
  • Chicha Morada
  • Professional Tour guide
  • Tour in English / Spanish language
  • Customized service
  • All entrance tickets
  • Return transport to your place
  • All our prices included pick up and drop off to your hotel only when it is located in: Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco and Lima centre. Outside these places, you have to pay a small fee for your pick up/drop off.
  • Monday – Sunday: 9:00 am