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Healthy food for soup kitchens

Healthy food for soup kitchens

This is the type of support we have been delivering to the poorest communities for more than 15 years. With the current COVID19-crisis the needs have exploded. Since the start of the pandemic, we have been bringing food to over 145 communities and we still continue doing so.

Our approach consists of looking for poor communities living in remote areas that do not have enough money to buy food. We discuss with the local leaders and typically give priority to communities of more than 50 people with a high proportion of children, pregnant mothers, physically challenged people, elderly people,…

What our team does is taking healthy food like milk, beans, tuna, dry fruits, oil, rice, lentils,… that will feed them for at least one week. This will allow the leaders and members of the communities to find a job which means they will be able to buy their own food for the next days. 

Based on our experience, we can confirm that most of the time, communities just need a friendly push to improve their living conditions.   It is well known that Peruvians are one of the most hard-working people. Unfortunately, there are not enough job opportunities which obviously doesn’t make it easy…

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